The Swedish Meatballs
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A delicious musical 
We go the extra SMILE!
The Swedish Meatballs were formed just like a recipe...adding a little of this and a little of that...all blended together with different talented spices to create delicious music!  

We have been playing our hearts out for years at various Scandinavian / American venues providing toe-tapping, foot-stomping, gammaldans music!  We're about adding fun and flavor to an event!  

Featured Meatballs .....
​                                       - Ellen Lindstrom / Accordionist
                                  ​     - Sal D'Amico / Rhythm & Bass Guitarist
                                  ​     - Dave Birchard & John Csorba / Drummers
                                  ​     - Larry Ballow - Saxophonist / Clarinetist / Flutist
                                       - And much more!